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Get a Free Healthy Baby Booklet from Lysol – US/Canada

Free Healthy Baby Booklet from Lysol

Free baby booklet from Lysol

The free Looking After You and Your Baby  Booklet is brought to you by a partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” Campaign, National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, Visiting Nurse Associations of America, and the makers of LYSOL.

Designed to provide guidance to parents to parents of infants through todderhood, this book offers advice about personal nutrition for you and your child, tips on maintaining a germ free home.  It also covers child development basics and child care.  US and Canada can get it by mail.  You can also download it in several languages if you prefer that route.

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Free Vegetarian Starter Pack and Recipe book

Free Recipe book and Vegetarian Starter Pack

Free Vegetarian Starter pack

Whether you are a new vegetarian or just experimenting with Meatless Mondays, you are bound to find some good recipes in this vegetarian starter packPeople in the  US and International people can download it.  It’s full of recipes, tips and information on vegetarian products.  It IS from PETA.  Even though I am a vegetarian, I find them over the top sometimes.  I do not believe in vigilante justice or shock tactics to further a cause.   However, I am always game for a free vegetarian cookbook!  With all the holiday cooking coming up, I will love having more recipes to choose from to serve!  

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Free Sunmaid Raisin Cookbook: 100th Anniversary – International

Free Sunmaid Raisin Cookbook – International

Free Sunmaid Raisin Cookbook: 100th AnniversaryGet a free Sunmaid Raisin

 cookbook.  You can claim a copy of the 100th Anniversary Cookbook by either downloading it (international) or getting it mailed to you (US only)

I downloaded it to my iPad and all 16 recipes look tasty!  I am particularly interested in trying the Peanutty drops, although that Tropical Carrot Cake in the photo looks pretty good, too.  Carrot cake is my dad’s favorite cake.  We used to make it for his birthday every year, complete with cream cheese frosting.   I wonder if he would enjoy this twist on that favorite classic?

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Free Kikkoman Mini Magazine Subscription US/Canada

Free Kikkoman Mini Magazine Subscription

Kikkoman Mini Magazine SubscriptionGet a free Kikkoman Mini Magazine Subscription.  I love to use soy sauce and other Asian sauces when I am cooking – so I can’t wait to start getting KMagazine from Kikkoman This free offer is good for the US and Canada.

K is Kikkoman’s semiannual mini-magazine for food enthusiasts.   I just got my current copy in the mail.  I love the full color recipe cards they include with it.  The recipe cards are perforated.  You just detach them and put them in your recipe box.  These aren’t your average recipes either.  They are all very easy, but not bland and boring.  This issue focuses on spicy food and even includes a recipe for a sweet and spicy fruit salad that I simply have to try.  It’s beautiful to the eye, but looks simple to make.

The Kikkoman Mini-magazine isn’t boring either.  It includes all kinds of interesting food facts from around the world.  It’s a mini-magazine.  It’s only a few pages long and includes just enough recipes to keep me busy until the next issue comes out.  I’m sure my family will love the variety from the Kikkoman Mini Magazine. US/Canada

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Free Gooseberry Patch Fall Favorites Printable Cookbook International

Gooseberry Patch Fall Favorites Printable Cookbook

Free Gooseberry Patch Fall Favorites Printable CookbookFree Printable cookbook from Gooseberry Patch: Fall Favorites with Sun-Maid® Raisins & Dried Fruit.  International Everyone can download the Fall Favorites book here.  It’s in PDF format.  I saved it on my iPad to save paper and ink!  The recipe for Savory Baked Pears just sounds divine!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year.  The trees are starting to turn bright gold and red.  When I lived in Florida, we never got foliage changes, but we do in Minnesota.  Additionally, the kitchen always smells like cinnamon from all the baking for harvest parties and Thanksgiving.  I look forward to the fall every year, especially Thanksgiving.  I love to try new foods and it’s one of the few times of the year I do any real cooking.

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Free Gooseberry Patch Kid-Friendly Recipe Book US/Canada

Free Kid’s Recipe Book: Gooseberry Patch Kid-Friendly Recipe Book

Gooseberry Patch Kid Friendly Recipe BookGet a free Kid-Friendly Recipe book from Gooseberry patch.  You can either have them send it you by mail (US/Canada) or download it.

Kid-Friendly Recipes is a 36 page cookbook featuring Sun-Maid dried fruit and raisins.  It mostly has pastries and I am in love with the Cinna-Bunnies recipe.  That one is totally cute.  But the adult side of me would really like to try the Snappy Salsa recipe made with a variety of dried fruit.

If you choose to download it, you will receive a PDF version of the book.  I ordered it by mail AND downloaded it.  My son loves to cook, but doesn’t have an easy way to use a PDF file in the kitchen.  I prefer to have it on my iPad, so I saved it to my Drop-Box account so I could get access to it from my mobile device AND my PC.

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