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Free stuff for Canadian kids. This includes freebies for kids age 2 to twelve.

FREE Disney Vacation Planning DVD!

If you are anything like me, the thought of planning out something as complicated as a Disney Vacation is totally overwhelming.  With so many options and so many things to see and do, how and where do you even begin?  Well, the smart folks at Disney have anticipated that feeling and have a Disney Vacation Planning DVD.  And what’s more, they’re giving it away for free!  Click here, fill out the form and let the dream that you wish come true!



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Free Coloring Book: Save Our Species (Printable)

Free Coloring Book: Save Our Species

Free coloring book Save Our Species Nab this free coloring book, Save Our Species, to teach kids about endangered animals. International.  Save Our Species is no longer available by mail and is printable only.

Save Our Species has 28 pages of pages that kids can color.  Each page has educational information about the species, along with their indigenous habitat information.

This was available a long time ago and is back again.

Use the bar at the top of the frame to print it in your preferred format.

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Free Backyard Activity Book – International

Free Backyard Activity Book

Free Backyard Activity Book

Get a free Backyard Activity Book for your kids and teach them about critters and weeds they may come across in the yard. International.  33 pages of Crossword puzzles, matching puzzles, and other activities teach kids about unwanted pests and alien plants.

You can either print the Backyard Activity Book for Kids on Integrated Pest Management or get it by mail.  To get it by mail, click on “Get A Copy” from the top right and choose United States Postal Service Delivery.  Put a check box next to the activity book and then click on “Show Order Form.”  Fill out your name and address and they will send you one.

They do not ship during government shut-downs, but will when everyone is back to work.  I have received this before and it’s an informative, handy activity book.

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Free Coloring Book: Case of the Broken Loop

Free Coloring Book: Case of the Broken Loop

Free Coloring Book: Case of the Broken LoopGet this free coloring book from the EPA: Case of the Broken Loop.  This is a 12 page puzzle and activity book that teaches kids about how to protect the planet from garbage and pollution.  It appears to be available internationally.

You can either order it by mail or you can get it as a free printable coloring book.  Just click on Get a Copy from the top.  Then click on USPS to get it by mail.  Make sure the check box is selected next to this book and select “show order form” beneath the selections.

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Free Eagle Books for Kids – International

Free Eagle Books for kids to teach kids about diabetes

free Eagle Books for kids diabetes wellness

Get free “Eagle Books” from the CDC for kids.  Eagle books use animals to teach children about healthy lifestyles.  It’s part of the Native Diabetes Wellness Program in partnership with the Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee.   To get the free books, scroll through the list and pick the ones you want.  If you don’t live in the US, click on the link that says “Click here to request an international order.”

You can choose any or all of these:

  • Coyote and the Turtle’s Dream (middle school)
  • Through the Eyes of the Eagle – Eagle Book 1 
  • Knees Lifted High Book – Eagle Book 2
  • Plate Full of Color – Eagle Book 3
  • Tricky Treats – Eagle Book 4.

There are also posters available an information for women and diabetes.  Additionally, there is a separate set of “Big Books” that teachers can order with these same titles.

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Free Germany Coloring Book – Get to Know Germany – International

Free Germany Coloring Book

get to know Germany coloring book

Ask for your free Get to Know Germany coloring book with scenes and sights from Germany for colorful imaginations. It is great for introducing Germany to younger audiences.  US can get the hard copy, International is a printable coloring book.

When you get on the site, scroll down to the Get to Know Germany Coloring book and select “Use our contact form to get a free copy.”  Then select either “Facts about Germany” or “Teacher Materials” from the drop down box and send your request.

I got this already – and some of the other things on the site.  My son’s teacher (who teaches German) was enthralled.  It’s a nice book.

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