Kids Magic Calming Lavender Bubble Bath Review *Winner Announced*

Kids Magic Calming Bubble Bath Giveaway

Kids Magic Calming Lavender Bubble Bath Giveaway

Sometimes, my youngest has a hard time falling asleep at night.  She is in middle school and has found just how stressful those years are!  Even during the summer, she worries about returning to school and what her friends do each day.  I remember those years, and there is no way that I would go back to them.  I use a lavender oil to help with stress relief and thought that a little lavender would probably help my daughter as well.

Unfortunately, most of the lavender infused products are labeled for babies.  Have you ever tried getting a 12-year-old to use a product for babies?  I did find Kids Magic Calming Lavender Bubble Bath, though, and decided to let her try that instead.  She enjoyed it and said it really did help her relax.  I like that it left her smelling soft and sweet and made hugging on her more fun!  It’s always more fun to hug your kids when they smell nice.

I like that Kids Magic derives its scent from pure lavender extract, unlike some lavender-scented products.  Even though it is not mentioned in the product description, it also has real Chamomile extracts.  Kids Magic Calming Lavender Bubble Bath creates a nice lather with rich lather.

My daughter prefers to take showers and used the Kids Magic Lavender Bubble bath as a body wash instead.  It rinses clean and you only need a small amount to bathe your entire body.  Check out the suds leftover after a complete shower!  Even with our hard water, which pretty much kills most suds, I got some nice suds!

Kids Magic Calming Lavender Bubble Bath

A small amount of Kids Magic Calming Lavender Bubble Bath on my bath mitt is enough to take a complete shower and still have some leftover.

I find the soft fragrance relaxing, as well.  I enjoy de-stressing with a shower after a long day and really believe in the power of lavender.  Oftentimes, I spray my pillowcases with lavender essential oil. I have even caught my husband using the Kids Magic Calming Lavender Bubble Bath.  He prefers to actually take a bath with it and enjoys the fragrance as well.  He says, however, that the bubbles don’t last long in the bath.  I say that’s two-fold.  We have very hard water and haven’t added salt to the softener in a while.  Hard water kills bubbles and suds.  He also takes long, leisurely baths that are longer than most kids will stay in the water.  His baths are so long that he needs to add more hot water so he doesn’t freeze.  When he adds more water, the bubbles foamed right back up.

My skin remained pleasantly scented for a couple of hours after my shower.

It’s supposedly tear-free, too.  Since my husband, daughter nor I got any in our eyes, I cannot vouch for that – and I wasn’t about to rub into my eyes for testing purposes.  That is a nice bonus, though.  I mean, after all, the idea of taking a bubble bath in lavender is to whisk away the stress of the day and relax.  It’s hard to relax if you accidentally get bubbles in your eyes and it burns for hours later.  Kids Magic Calming Lavender Bubble Bath is also hypoallergenic.  My husband has very sensitive skin and didn’t have any reactions at all to Kids Magic Calming Lavender Bubble Bath.

While Kids Magic created Calming Lavender Bubble Bath for kids like my daughter, I highly recommend it for adults as well.  We could all use a little relaxing shower and I like it better than some other lavender soaps I have used that had artificial lavender fragrance.  It kissed my skin with a light fragrance left it soft for hours later.

Use the store locator to find where Baby Magic and Kids magic products are sold near you. You can also find Kids Magic Bubble Bath-Calming Lavender Bubble Bath on Amazon.  Also, visit their site to learn more.

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  1. Great Giveaway! Hope we get a chance to try this. I would give this to my son, he loves taking baths and showers- he would love washing his superheroes with this too =)

  2. I would definitely be using this on the kids. Our twins just turned 2 and have a hard time falling asleep at night.

  3. My children love to take baths and the lavender would certainly help get them to sleep after bath time!

  4. I’d want it all for myself, though I know the younger members of my household would use it from time to time.

  5. My babygirl would love some bubbles she has a blast splashin and playin but my bubbles dont stay bubbly very long for her. i hope i did everything right!

  6. My kids love their bubble baths, sometimes I think my daughter plays in the mud just so she can take her “bubbles”

  7. I would use this product and share it with my girls. Everyone loves bubble baths.

  8. I love lavender. So I would love this Bubble bath. I have lavender Scentsy and lavender aromatherapy. I use it to relax and calm after a long day. I also use it when I meditate.

  9. I will be trying this for my son. At two we are still using the baby magic all in one for bedtime but soon enough will need to switch. I am nervous of switching brands because he as broke out in rashes from most other things that we have tried

  10. Im 33 weeks pregnant and would love this for my self i will try any thing to help me relax at night

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