Birthday Freebies!

I had a really tough time turning thirty.  It felt like the end of youth, which looking back from the ripe old age of thirty-eight, was such a young feeling to have.  I asked everyone I knew how old they felt on the inside.  And to my great surprise, the vast majority of folks said, “About thirty.”  My dad, my grandmother, my grandmother’s friends at the senior center, nearly everyone said that their internal age felt somewhere around thirty.  It’s young enough to feel young and old enough to know better.  Since then, I haven’t had a single birthday make me feel bad.  I’m even looking forward to 40!

Well, no matter how you feel about your birthday, one thing is certain to make it better…getting FREE stuff!  Our friends over at have compiled a list of birthday freebies and trust when I say it is one comprehensive list!  Click here and happy birthday!

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