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FREE Gift from Qart.com!

Add to your collection of t-shirts or art posters for FREE just by becoming a member of Qart.com!  Click here to register (no credit card required!) and then confirm your email to choose a free gift from a wide selection of freebies!  As always, be sure to read the fine print, but with a few short keystrokes, you are well on your way to a new t-shirt or art poster!





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FREE Thank You Token from Weather Channel!

So there was a big storm brewing not too long ago when DirectTV dropped the Weather Channel from their services.  Well, the hew and cry went up and Weather Channel fans let their displeasure be heard and it worked!  Weather Channel is back on Direct TV and they have the fans to thank for it!  They’d like to send you a little token of their appreciation. Click here fill out the form and see just how Weather Channel says, “Thank you!”  (And then come tell us…we’re super curious to know!)




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Free Pair of Rx Glasses!

The folks at Coastal.com are running a deal wherein you get a free pair of prescription glasses! Just check out their webiste,  pick out the frames you like, enter in your prescription, and then use the code FIRSTPAIRFREE when you check out.  Easy peasy! Be sure to read the fine print so you know what’s included in the deal.  And then, you know, happy new glasses!



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Free Personalized Postcards Mailed

Free Personalized Postcards

Send Free personalized Postcards

Like them on Facebook and create two free personalized postcards.  They will mail them to whomever you like.  Even the postage is free. It’s pretty easy to use, too!  Just browse your Facebook photos.  Crop it.  Enter your custom message.  Select your recipient and enter the address.  You can send 1 free Personalized Photo Postcards through the Facebook interface.  Download the free app for Android or iOS and you can send 5 more for free!  In total, you can send 6 postcards to loved ones or friends.

As much as I Instagram things, I’m definitely gonna download this one.  It will be a great way to keep in touch with my family back home.  They live 2000 miles away.  I miss them and this will be a cute way to share our lives up here in the frozen tundra.

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Free Red Dress Pin from Go Red for Women – STILL VALID

Free Red Dress Pin

Free Red Dress Pin

Get a free Red Dress Pin when you like the American Heart Association on Facebook.  US only.  February was Heart Awareness month and they are trying to get the word out that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women in the US.   The red dress is the national symbol for the The Go Red for Women Initiative designed to bring awareness to heart disease in women.

You can donate money if you choose, but it is not required to get the free pin.  All you have to do for that is give them your name and address.  They also ask for race, for which I answered “other” and added declined to answer.  I got a response that I would receive my free pin in 3-6 weeks and a confirmation code.

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Free Celebrate Urban Birds Kit (Stickers, Bird Seed, Poster) – US/Canada

Free Celebrate Urban Birds Kit

Free Celebrate Urban Birds Kit - Poster

Get a free “Celebrate Urban Birds!” Kit from Cornell.  You will get two free posters, a free sticker, and a pack of bird seeds to feed the wild feathered friends.  They also include a data sheet for you to track what birds you see.  If you let them know whether you saw the target birds, it will be a boon to their research.  They want to know even if you see none because “Zero Means a Lot”.  This will be very fun to do with my kids!  US/Canada

This is still good!  We got our kit and it’s really nice!

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