Unusual Freebies

Freebies that don’t really fit anywhere else.

FREE “Snail Mail My Email” Handwritten Letter Sent!

I am so super excited for this!  There is a project group called “Snail Mail My Email” and for one week a year (this week!  11/10-11/16!) you can email a message to their team and a volunteer will handwrite that message and send in the mail for FREE!  Isn’t that the greatest idea??  Click here to send a message or for more information like how to volunteer!


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FREE Sample of a T-Shirt Quilt!

Ooh, I am excited about this find!  Do you have drawers or closets or boxes full of old t-shirts from your racing days or your Greek Life days or your annual breast cancer walk?  Want a way to keep the sentimentality of those tees without having to house them all?  Why not turn them into a quilt??  The folks at Too Cool T-Shirt Quilts will do just that!  And if you’re curious how soft that quilt will be, they’ll send you a FREE sample.  Click here for more information or to send away for a FREE sample.



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FREE Sample of Masque!

I’m gonna tell you right now, this is a sexy-time freebie, so skip it if you think that might bother you.

Okay, here we go!  This was a new one for me.  Have you ever heard of Masque Sexual Flavors?  They make little flavor strips which, when you place them on your tongue just before…ahem…going downtown…are designed to mask the flavor of semen that some folks find distasteful. (That sentence took me about ten minutes to type…I’m such a 7th grader sometimes.)  For more information or to send away for a FREE sample, click here.  Wait til you get home, though, maybe.  😉



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FREE Sample of Personal Lubricants!

It’s “Pink” for women and “Gun Oil” for men and the sample pack is called a “Happy Pack.”  Maybe I’m just stuck in the 7th grade, but that made me laugh right out loud!  Click here, fill out the short form, and dream of happiness which will be on its way!  18+



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FREE Wildflower Guide and Seed Catalog!

Aren’t wildflowers just the friendliest flowers?  They just bloom where they land and bring joy to the road weary, the observant walker, the curious child.  Now you can identify them with this FREE wildflower guide from Wildseed Farms.  They’ll also send a free seed catalog so if planting wildflowers sounds like something you’d like to you, you’re all set!  Click here to be taken to Wildseed Farm’s site and follow the instructions from there!


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FREE Thumb Socks!

Thumb socks? What the heck are thumb socks?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  This strange, but thoughtful product is brought to you by DoSomething.org, an organization of young people taking action.  Thumb socks are designed to remind young drivers not to text while driving!  Sign up here, read the directions and the fine print, and receive two pairs of thumb socks in the mail.  There’s also an opportunity to win a $10,000 scholarship, so read up, friends!  And remember, no text is important enough to risk a life.  It Can Wait!





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