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Opportunity to Earn Free Purina Muse Natural Cat Food

This isn’t a ‘free’ sample, but it is an opportunity to try a new food for your cat and earn points toward free bags! Having pets is expensive- so why not try a new natural line of food, especially if you can end up getting some money off in the long run? This is a great incentive to switch it up for your cat (just switch them over slowly! It’s never good to just abruptly change their food).

Visit this link, create a profile and upload copies of your receipts to redeem your free bag ūüôā


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Formulas For Life Pet Food Samples – Free!

Finding a good pet food can be difficult these days, especially with so many options out there to choose from. Whether you have a cat or a dog, you may want to take advantage of this opportunity to get a free sample from Lucy Pet Products. Fill out the form to receive your free sample of “Formulas for Life Pet food”.

Sign up here.

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Free Sample! Purina Cat Food: Tender Selects Blend

Many cats get bored with their food over time, and eventually they lose interest. That’s why it’s well worth it to take advantage of free samples of cat food when they come around, it’s not cheap after all! Instead of risking cash spent on something they won’t eat or like, grab your free sample of Purina Tender Selects Blend for cats while it lasts!

Follow this link and click the blue button (“Try Today for Free”) to start the process!

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FREE Sample of Purina One Brand Cat Food!

So, you are either happy with your cat’s food or you’re not. ¬†What your fickle little friend wants is an entirely different story. ¬†Maybe your fur baby is a loyalist, loves his brand of food and isn’t looking for you to change a single thing is his royal little life. ¬†Or maybe he’s the puppet master of your life and wants to see you dance. ¬†“I like my food today, Mother, but I can’t speak for my feelings tomorrow, you know.” Well, whatever the situation at home with your kitty, if you’re looking for a FREE sample of cat food, this is the deal for you! ¬†Click here to send away for a sample of Tender Selects.

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FREE “Feed a Bee” Wildflower Seed Packet!

Calling all busy bees! ¬†The actual bees need your help! ¬†We’ve all heard that the bees are in trouble and we’ve also all heard that if the bees are in trouble, so are we. ¬†So let’s do something about it, shall we? ¬†But what? ¬†Well, start here: feed them! ¬†Click here for information about the Feed a Bee program. ¬†You can help simply by sharing the video you see because Bayer will plant wildflowers every time it’s shared. ¬†You can also send away for a FREE packet of wildflower seeds to plant in your own yard to help feed the bees! ¬†That’s the buzz anyway. ūüôā

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FREE Sample of Fancy Feast Cat Food!

Right meow you can get a purrrrrfectly fantastic little freebie deal for your beloved fur baby. ¬†It won’t take nine lives for you to sign up for a FREE sample of Fancy Feast Cat Food. ¬†Just walk across your own keyboard and maybe you’ll click here. ¬†If you do, you’ll see a “Try it for free” button. ¬†That’s the scratching post you’re looking for. ¬†Fill out the form and follow the directions from there. ¬†Then go sleep in the sunshine. ¬†You’ve earned it.

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