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FREE Sample of Meow Mix Cat Treats!

Is your kitty the cutest kitty in all the land?  Wanna show him/her off to the folks at Meow Mix?  You should!  Upload a photo or a video (less than 30 seconds long) and submit it to Meow Mix and they’ll send you some treats for FREE! Click here to submit and for more information.

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FREE Sample of Fancy Feast Cat Food!

Oh, Caaaat people….  Here, kittykittykitty people…. Get yourself a FREE sample of Fancy Feast cat food by clicking here and then clicking the “Try It Now” button on the upper right.  Follow the directions from there.  That’s a good girl.  :-)


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FREE Sample of Yums Horse or Dog Treats!

Calling all horse lovers, dog people, and folks who’ll take anything that’s free no matter what it is!  The folks at Yums want to send you a FREE sample of their horse or dog treats.  All you have to do provide the name of the local vet, pet, or tack store where you would like to see Yums treats carried.  That’s it.  Easy as Waaaay easier than riding a horse.  Click here.

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FREE Sample of Fancy Feast Broths Cat Food!

Okay, I’ve seen some things in my life, but I gotta say, I’m not sure I could have called the day when there would such a thing as soup for cats!  But here we are, and Broths from Fancy Feast is here!  Try a FREE sample by click here, then clicking the button marked, “TRYABOWL” and then following the directions from there.



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FREE Sample of Friskies Cat Food!

Whether you just have one little fur-baby, or you’re the crazy cat lady folks whisper about behind your back, we could all use a little something FREE, especially if it’s something we definitely use everyday.  If you’re looking to change up little Snowball’s diet, or if you’re already a Friskies fan and just want a little something FREE, click here and fill out the form and in 4-6 weeks, you’ll receive your FREE sample in the mail!


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FREE Can of Vigor Cat or Dog Food!

Finding that perfect meal for your little fur-baby can be quite the challenge.  If you felt the way the evening news wants you to feel, you’d be totally freaked out about choosing the right product that will keep your babies safe and fed.  Maybe Vigor is the product for you!  Click here, and if you are one of the first 50,000 people to sign up for their newsletter, you’ll receive a can of cat food or dog food for FREE!


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