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FREE Sample of Eraclea Skin Care!

I love skin care product samples.  For real life size products, I’m a grocery store product kind of girl, so the chance to try fancy and different products makes little samples so much fun.  Plus, I always think of my great grandmother who called all of her skin lotions her “jams and jellies.”  So cute.  If you’re looking to try something new, or if you, like me, just love the idea of a skin care sample, then click here and fill out the form you see there.

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FREE Sample of LivRelief Pain Relief Creme!

The faster and faster the world moves (it’s not just me, right?  Everything seems to move at a breakneck pace, doesn’t it?) the easier it is to get sidelined by pain.  Can’t really keep up with the flow of Life when your knees ache or your fingers are stiff, am I right?  Well, if you’re in the market for a pain relief creme to try on your aches and pains, here’s one to try for FREE!  Click here, then click on the image at the top of the Facebook page.  A pop up menu will appear with further instructions.  Follow them.

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FREE Sample Pack from Kotex!

Okay, y’all.  I’m about to start talking about having your period and I feel compelled to issue a TMI alert. Isn’t that strange?  Half the population of the world gets a period and yet its still TMI to talk about it.  Anyway, a few months ago, I was traveling out of town when I got my period.  No big deal, I just had to run out to the drug store, but they didn’t have my brand.  I had to go with a brand I’d never used before and while it got the job done, I was never quite comfortable.  When you have your period, you just want the stuff that makes you feel most comfortable, right?  Well, maybe Kotex is for you.  No better way to find out than with a FREE sample pack.  Click here and choose between two packs of tampons and panty liners.

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FREE Sample Pack of Tena Incontinence Supplies!

I’m the mother of three children three and under.  Besides the enormous amount of pee I deal with from my little cherubs, I also have my own I-carried-three-babies-inside-my-body-now-I-pee-when-I-sneeze issues.  A little peeps in the pants is not the source of enormous embarrassment in my family.  But it is for lots and lots of people. Having discreet supplies would be a big help, I’m sure.  Send away for a sample pack of products (wipes, wash, undergarments) by clicking here and filling out the form you see there.  The supplies within packs vary.

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FREE Sample of Over EZ Hangover “Cure!”

Well, I don’t know about this one, either.  There’s just a little bit of the too good to be trues about this one.  I’m gonna let you know about it anyway, because if it does work, holy moly, is it gonna revolutionize going out!  Supposedly, if you take one of these pills with the first drink of the evening, it will prevent the agonizing hangover the next day.  Now, I’ve done this exact same thing with Alka Seltzer in my youth, using it preventative and to varying degrees of success.  Maybe the folks at Over EZ really have perfected their product, but as with any kind of supplement or pill, be sure you do some real research before taking it!  Click here and then click on the pop up window.  Follow the instructions from there.

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FREE Sample of Biotherm Aquapower!

Okay, I kind of embarrassed myself a little bit as I was researching this freebie.  When I first saw the deal, I was like, “What in the wide world is Biotherm?  What does that even mean?”  and “Aquapower?  What’s the aqua powering, exactly?”  But then I went and checked out the website and saw the dreamiest of dreams, David Beckham, staring at me, and I was immediately acquiescent.  Such is the power of the right spokesperson (and the right set of genes.)  Anyhow, turns out, Biotherm is a line of men’s skin care product, so in the end, if you want to bend it like Beckham, you may not even need a soccer ball.  You might just need a little Aquapower. 🙂 Click here and answer the questions in the center of the screen to send away for your FREE sample!

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