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Free Sample of Power Crunch Protein Bars

No matter who you are or what your ch0sen lifestyle or profession is, chances are you aren’t getting enough protein. Why not give yourself a boost? It’s free! Besides you may realize this is the one snack you never want to live without.

Head to Power Crunch’s website to register for your free sample of Power Crunch Protein Bars!

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Breath Right Extra Clear Nasal Strips – Free Sample

Do you snore? Perhaps you know someone (or sleep next to) someone who does?

Here’s a great way to hopefully make it stop, at no cost to you! Breathe Right is giving away free samples of their Extra Clear nasal strips. Slap these on before you go to sleep and allow your partner to enjoy the silence for a change!

Sign up here.

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Free NFL Team Window Cling!

Are you a football fan? It may be your lucky day! Although all the teams aren’t listed, there’s a chance your favorite team is up for grabs. Head to HyundaiUSA’s site, fill out the form and it’ll be on its way!

Go here.

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EpiPen Program Signup: Get Free EpiPen Carrying Case

It’s no fun having an allergic reaction- it’s even worse when it could be fatal! Thank goodness for EpiPens. Their portability ensure immediate relief should an emergency happen. Make sure you have them on hand by signing up for this free carrying case.

All you have to do is join the EpiPen Program at At no cost to you, you’ll not only receive alerts/reminders as to when your pens expire, you’ll also qualify for a free carrying case.

Good deal.

Go here to get started.

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Free Tape Measure at Eph Apparel

How’s this for a random weekend freebie? If you are a seamstress, or just someone who enjoys to sew, do crafts or measure things- take advantage of this simple giveaway!

Head over to Eph Apparel and fill out their form to receive a free measuring tape. These are great to have when you want to measure things that require flexibility.

Visit this site and fill out the form! It’s really that easy!

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Opportunity to Earn Free Purina Muse Natural Cat Food

This isn’t a ‘free’ sample, but it is an opportunity to try a new food for your cat and earn points toward free bags! Having pets is expensive- so why not try a new natural line of food, especially if you can end up getting some money off in the long run? This is a great incentive to switch it up for your cat (just switch them over slowly! It’s never good to just abruptly change their food).

Visit this link, create a profile and upload copies of your receipts to redeem your free bag 🙂


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