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FREE 4 Month Subscription to Professional Photographer Magazine!

Nothing brings out the shutterbug like a new baby, am I right?  I’ve always been the picture taker in the group, which sometimes annoyed my friends until it was time for copies of prints…then everyone changed their tune!  (I’m dating myself talking about printed copies, aren’t I?)  Anyway, once I had my child, and had a smartphone with a camera, my picture taking skyrocketed! And then my husband and I bought a second hand fancy camera and now we’re almost like junkies for pictures.  But it takes 500 shots to get the right one when you’re learning a new camera.  Might be some handy tips in Professional Photography Magazine, so I think I’ll sign up for a FREE 4 month subscription.  You too?  Click here, fill out the form and follow the directions from there. Happy snapping!


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Nine FREE Issues of Brides Magazine!

So, as I’ve made this confession in the past, I have met with ridicule and disbelief, but in my younger days, one of my coping mechanisms for sad days was a brand new Brides Magazine!  I would treat myself to the orgy of flowers and dresses and jewelry and presents in those massive pages.  I always felt better afterwards, like the simple act of dreaming brought me out of my funk.  My point is, if you’re anything like me, you’d enjoy this beautiful magazine whether or not you are planning a wedding!  Click here, fill out the form, read the fine print.

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FREE Two Year Subscription to Lego Club Magazine!

Our son is only 19 months old and as such not old enough for Legos.  My husband, on the other hand, is 36 years old and would do just about anything for Legos.  He is counting down the days until he and our boy can build together.  Do you have a Lego nut in the house?  I bet a subscription to Lego Club Magazine would be a big hit!  And you can get a 2 year subscription for FREE!  Click here, read and follow the instructions and wait 6-8 weeks for your first issue to arrive by mail.


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FREE Digital Subscription of Cosmopolitan Magazine!

For years and years, if what you were looking for is how to apply makeup, do your hair, cook a meal, please a man, or dress for any occasion, Cosmopolitan magazine has fancied itself exactly what you’re looking for.  Now you can get it for FREE!  Click here, read the instructions, fill out the form and download information that acts like it is the most important information you’ll ever want!


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FREE 18 Month Subscription to US Weekly!

There’s something about the beach, an airplane, and the doctor’s office that brings out the trash-reader in me!  I just love a good don’t-have-to-think-too-much-about-it magazine every now and then.  That’s why I love US Weekly!  Get 18 months worth of it for FREE!  Click here, fill out the short form, select your magazine (there are other options) and enjoy your FREE subscription.  NB: you do not need a reward password…just leave that field blank.



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FREE Subscription to Maxim Magazine!

Sure, it’s good to read intellectual, stimulating, grounded, and important information.  But it’s also good to blow off some steam and escape with a little mental popcorn, don’t you think?  Maxim magazine certainly fills that need. Get if for FREE!



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