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FREE Subscription to Ebony Magazine!

As much as I love magazines (and boy do I love them) I have had to cut waaaaay back on my subscriptions because I get environmental guilt.  I love flipping mindlessly through the pages looking at pictures and I love getting lost in the articles depending on my mood and what kind of magazine I’m reading.  That’s why it’s a real temptation for me when magazine subscriptions are given away for FREE!  You too?  Well, tempt yourself, then with this FREE subscription to Ebony magazine.  Click here and fill out the form.


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FREE 2 Year Subscription to Lego Club Jr. Magazine!

My son is a total blockhead.  He only has eyes for blocks and any kind of block will do.  He’s a born stacker.  (In fact, it doesn’t even have to be blocks…you should see what he can do with the butters and jellies at the table at IHOP.)  He’s only just 2, but he’s starting to get into Legos, too, much to his father’s complete delight! So, soon, I’ll be joining the Lego Club (for FREE) and signing up for a 2 year subscription to Lego Club Jr Magazine, also for FREE!  Sound good to you?  Click here to sign up and for more information.

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FREE Magazine Subscription of Your Choice!

Y’all, I have a confession to make.  I love US Weekly magazine.  I will read the hell out of it in an airport or at the doctor’s office.  And I will read issue after issue after issue!  I’ve never had a subscription to it, though, but now with this deal, a full YEAR subscription is FREE!  Other titles also included.  Click here, select your choice, fill out the form to the right, and get yourself a FREE year of whatever makes you happy!


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FREE Subscription to US Weekly!

Okay, I don’t know what to do with this one.  Because The New Yorker is also available for FREE and part of my really wants to WANT a subscription to the New Yorker!  But the truth is, I would rather have the subscription to US Weekly.  Sometimes, you just need some trash to forget about the awful truth of the world, amiright?  Maybe you’re more sophisticated than I and would jump at the chance to have a FREE subscription to the New Yorker.  More power to you, sister.  I’m going to read about what’s in Carrie Underwood’s purse. 🙂 Click here, select your magazine, leave the Rewards Code field blank and be on your way!


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FREE Two Year Subscription to Lego Magazine!

Do you have a little builder on your hands?  Or are you like me and you have a husband who is Lego crazy, so you see the future generation of Lego builders stretched out before you?  Whether your little one loves to build, or you know s/he will because it’s in the DNA, sign up here for the FREE-to-join Lego club and you’ll find information about receiving a two year subscription to Lego Magazine along with lots of other awesome perks!



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FREE 4 Month Subscription to Professional Photographer Magazine!

Nothing brings out the shutterbug like a new baby, am I right?  I’ve always been the picture taker in the group, which sometimes annoyed my friends until it was time for copies of prints…then everyone changed their tune!  (I’m dating myself talking about printed copies, aren’t I?)  Anyway, once I had my child, and had a smartphone with a camera, my picture taking skyrocketed! And then my husband and I bought a second hand fancy camera and now we’re almost like junkies for pictures.  But it takes 500 shots to get the right one when you’re learning a new camera.  Might be some handy tips in Professional Photography Magazine, so I think I’ll sign up for a FREE 4 month subscription.  You too?  Click here, fill out the form and follow the directions from there. Happy snapping!


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