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Free Lego Magazine Subscription!

Does your little one have a love for all things Lego? For a limited time you can sign up for a free subscription of the Lego Club Jr. Magazine! Just head over to their website and sign your child up.

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Free Bridal Guide Magazine Subscription!!

Planning a wedding is really hard… and sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated and upbeat throughout the process. Did we mention they’re also super expensive?! Do yourself a favor, bride to be, and take advantage of this free Bridal Guide magazine subscription. Get inspired & save a buck at the same time! It’s a TWO YEAR subscription!


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FREE One Year Subscription to Family Circle!

There is a lot that’s hard about having children.  I have three and I have never worked harder or multitasked faster than I have since the first one came along.  I have found, though, that one of the hardest things about raising children is just coming up with ideas.  Ideas for meals, ideas for activities, ideas for how to try a different approaching when my own isn’t working…those ideas sometimes prove most elusive.  Well, I bet a one year subscription to Family Circle might help in the idea department.  Get yourself one for FREE!  Click here.

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FREE One Year Subscription to Parents Magazine!

There are a lot of things that are hard about being a parent.  I have three kids, aged three and under, and let me tell you, I find being a parent the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Ever.  One of the hardest things, i think, is coming up with things to do.  That’s where having a resource like Parents Magazine can be so helpful.  Are you interested in a no-strings one year FREE subscription to Parents Magazine?  Click here.

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FREE Subscription to Family Fun Magazine!

I have found that one of the biggest challenges of being a parent to a young child is coming up with age appropriate ideas of fun things to see and do.  Well, that was before I had ever heard of Family Fun magazine!  Now, I usually don’t go for magazines because they can so easily take over your house and life, but I just might have to sign up for this FREE subscription. You too?  Click here.

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FREE Subscription to Seventeen Magazine!

Well, twenty years just melted right away when I set eyes on this freebie.  Seventeen magazine was everything to me back in the day. (And YM, too, may it rest in peace.) In those days it was Scott Wolf, Jason Priestly, and Antonio Sabato Jr that ruled those pages. (OMG, remember Janet Jackson’s “Love Will Never Do” video??)  I’m sure these days I won’t recognize the boys and I wouldn’t understand the lingo, but I’m also pretty sure that’s the point.  It’s not Thirty Seven Magazine after all. 🙂  Click here for a FREE Subscription to Seventeen.


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