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FREE Sample of LivRelief Pain Relief Creme!

The faster and faster the world moves (it’s not just me, right?  Everything seems to move at a breakneck pace, doesn’t it?) the easier it is to get sidelined by pain.  Can’t really keep up with the flow of Life when your knees ache or your fingers are stiff, am I right?  Well, if you’re in the market for a pain relief creme to try on your aches and pains, here’s one to try for FREE!  Click here, then click on the image at the top of the Facebook page.  A pop up menu will appear with further instructions.  Follow them.

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FREE One Year Subscription to Family Circle!

There is a lot that’s hard about having children.  I have three and I have never worked harder or multitasked faster than I have since the first one came along.  I have found, though, that one of the hardest things about raising children is just coming up with ideas.  Ideas for meals, ideas for activities, ideas for how to try a different approaching when my own isn’t working…those ideas sometimes prove most elusive.  Well, I bet a one year subscription to Family Circle might help in the idea department.  Get yourself one for FREE!  Click here.

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FREE Sample of Fancy Feast Cat Food!

I’ve had three cats in my life, two in my youth, and once in my young adulthood.  Of all the things I’ve learned, this is the most clear:  Cats are hard to please.  Easy to take care of, but hard to please.  A laser pointer, a feather, and a nice bowl of food are about the biggest kitty pleaser there are!  Is your fur baby a finicky eater?  Looking for some new food?  Or maybe he’s a Fancy Feaster already and you could just a little something for FREE.  Either way, click here and follow the directions for a FREE sample of Fancy Feast cat food.

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FREE Sample of HB-101 Plant Vitalizer!

Well, I read about it and I still don’t get it.  I don’t know what a vitalizer does to plants, but you know what?  I have an utterly black thumb.  I cannot keep a plant alive, no way, no how.  But maybe you can!  And maybe you get what a plant vitalizer is.  And maybe you think it’s just the thing to get your plant loves to shine extra bright or whatever vitalized plants do.  Well, I can get you a FREE sample.  That is, I can point you in the right direction to get yourself a FREE sample.  Click here, fill out the form you see there, and allow 10-14 business days!

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FREE Vegan Recipe Booklet!

How do you know your friend has gone vegan?

Because they never, ever, ever EVER stop talking about it!

HAHA! You know what, though, the same is true of anyone who has found something in their life that works really well for them.  So, whether is Crossfit, or breastfeeding, or veganism, it’s a treat to find a way of living that changes you.  Maybe going meatless is for you (I type this as I inhale my bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich) then give some of these FREE recipes a try!  Click here, and either download it immediately as a PDF or send away for the booklet in the mail.  Happy cooking!

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FREE Sample Pack from Kotex!

Okay, y’all.  I’m about to start talking about having your period and I feel compelled to issue a TMI alert. Isn’t that strange?  Half the population of the world gets a period and yet its still TMI to talk about it.  Anyway, a few months ago, I was traveling out of town when I got my period.  No big deal, I just had to run out to the drug store, but they didn’t have my brand.  I had to go with a brand I’d never used before and while it got the job done, I was never quite comfortable.  When you have your period, you just want the stuff that makes you feel most comfortable, right?  Well, maybe Kotex is for you.  No better way to find out than with a FREE sample pack.  Click here and choose between two packs of tampons and panty liners.

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