FREE Kid’s Clinic at Lowe’s This Valentine’s Day!

So my husband and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day.  As former servers, we know that it’s the worst night of the year to dine out, so we stay home and drink single malt scotch and watch Fight Club.  Looking for something different to do this Valentine’s Day? Then click here to register your kid for a FREE kid’s clinic at your local Lowe’s that Saturday morning.


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FREE Printable Activities for Kids!

So, the whole of the country is in deep freeze.  That probably means your kids are home and climbing the walls because they can’t go outside.  Well, you’re in luck, because there are dozens and dozens of printable kids’ activities to print out at home!  Click here for a huge list of ideas and printables to keep those kids busy and engaged today!

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FREE Admission Days to Our National Parks!

One of the best decisions our federal government ever made was in the establishment of a National Park Service.  Preserving the crown jewels of our land means that for generations to come, we can all enjoy the majesty, history, and importance of our country.  Only 133 of 405 parks charge an admission, but not on these days!  (Click here for a list).  Do yourself, your children, and your country a favor and go visit our national parks!


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FREE Coffee at Sheetz Bros Today! (1/1/15)

Happy New Year, friends!  Do you live near a Sheetz Bros Coffee house?  If so, you’re gonna wanna head in today before 4:00pm to get yourself a FREE cup of coffee!  That’s a pretty awesome way to start the new year! Click here for a store locator.


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FREE Personalized Phone Call from Santa!

Oh my God, it’s Santa!  I know him!  I know him!

Flip your kid’s lid this Christmas season with a personalized call from Santa himself!  My boy is only 1, so I am filing this FREE deal in the “Awesome Future” file, but you can take advantage of it right now!  Click here for the website, then sign up for a FREE membership account.  Follow the instructions from there.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to read about “Letters from Santa,” “Videos from Santa,” and “Nice List Guidelines,” too!


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FREE Templates for Make-Your-Own Christmas Cards!

I don’t know about you, but my family and I are on tight budgets this Christmas season.  We have a finite amount of money to spend and so we have to make cuts where we can.  Buying and sending Christmas cards this year was one of the things that got cut.  I wish I had seen this sooner!  Click here for pages and pages filled with FREE templates for you to make your own customizable Christmas cards to print at home!



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