Free stuff for teachers and homeschooling parents

FREE “Got Science” Sticker!

In this very strange world, it seems impossible that anything should be shocking anymore, but the fact that even science is not immune from the radical politicalization of our society is among the strangest!  Test your knowledge of actual science and get yourself a FREE sticker in the meantime!  Click here, take the quiz, and follow the directions from there.


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FREE Printable Activities for Kids!

So, the whole of the country is in deep freeze.  That probably means your kids are home and climbing the walls because they can’t go outside.  Well, you’re in luck, because there are dozens and dozens of printable kids’ activities to print out at home!  Click here for a huge list of ideas and printables to keep those kids busy and engaged today!

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FREE Admission Days to Our National Parks!

One of the best decisions our federal government ever made was in the establishment of a National Park Service.  Preserving the crown jewels of our land means that for generations to come, we can all enjoy the majesty, history, and importance of our country.  Only 133 of 405 parks charge an admission, but not on these days!  (Click here for a list).  Do yourself, your children, and your country a favor and go visit our national parks!


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FREE Chinese New Year “Learn with Me” Kits from Panda Express!

Are you an educator of children in the 2nd-4th grades?  Are you planning a unit on Chinese New Year?  Well you’re in luck!  The folks at Panda Express are making it easy with FREE “learn with me” kits!  The kits include:

  • Exclusive Access to the Panda Express Chinese New Year Video
  • Year of the Ram Fact Sheet
  • Jade Emperor’s Game & Activity Sheet
  • Chinese New Year Decoration Art Activity
  • Red Envelope Activity Sheet

Click here for more information and to sign up for your FREE kits!



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FREE Kindle Download: Dream Interpretation!

I woke up this morning from a very vivid dream, so I find this freebie today especially awesome!  Amazon is offering a FREE download on this interpretive guide to your dreams!  Click here, make sure the price still reads, “$0.00” and learn how to interpret your own dreams!



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FREE Kindle Book, “Getting Started: Visual Astronomy”

Do you love to gaze at the night sky? Do you have any idea what you’re looking at?  Want to know more?  Then you’re in luck because Amazon is offering the Kindle book “Getting Started: Visual Astronomy” for FREE!  Click here, be sure that the price (which can change at any time) is still $0.00 and download the guide for FREE!





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