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Free Garden Kit Giveaway from Generation Fresh

There’s no better (or cheaper) way to help your kids learn about the way plants grow than to sign up for this! We Are Fresh Kids is giving away Garden Kits designed for children. It comes with non-GMO veggie seeds, a simple-to-follow activity card and a caregiver lesson plan supplement. There’s also a journal so your child can monitor the growth of their plants.

It’s all free! Head over to this site and follow the instructions!

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FREE Scary Face Pancake for Kids at IHOP! (10/31)

It’s finally October and that means the march through the holidays has officially begun! With Halloween in our sights, it’s time to start turning our attention to ghosts and goblins, pumpkins and scarecrows.  That also means that your kids, aged 12 and under can get themselves a FREE tasty treat at IHOP.  On october 31, go into any participating IHOP from 7:00am-10:00pm and get a FREE scary face pancake!  Click here for more information.

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FREE Medium Popcorn at Cinemark! (9/30)

I wonder why we eat popcorn at the movies.  Of all the things to become the standard snack, why popcorn?  It’s so loud and so messy.  And so by-god delicious! The movie just really isn’t even the same without popcorn, is it?  Well, this Friday you can get yourself a medium popcorn for FREE!  (That’s like a five hundred dollar savings! HA!) Download the Cinemark app for iOS or Android and hit up a movie this Friday, September 30th.  Click here for more information including theaters and showtimes!

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FREE Sample of Saline Soothers!

Well, cold and flu season is barreling down on us and the little patch of skin underneath my nose is already nervous.  Man, there really is no kind of raw like the raw of your nose from constant blowing during a cold or flu.  That’s why I was intrigued by this freebie deal.  Click here to send away for a sample of Saline Soothers, nose wipes that help soothe that irritated patch with aloe, chamomile, and Vitamin E!

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FREE One Year Subscription to Family Circle!

There is a lot that’s hard about having children.  I have three and I have never worked harder or multitasked faster than I have since the first one came along.  I have found, though, that one of the hardest things about raising children is just coming up with ideas.  Ideas for meals, ideas for activities, ideas for how to try a different approaching when my own isn’t working…those ideas sometimes prove most elusive.  Well, I bet a one year subscription to Family Circle might help in the idea department.  Get yourself one for FREE!  Click here.

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FREE Kid’s Clinic at Lowe’s Build and Grow!

When I was a little girl, I had a few personal heroes.  Wonder Woman, obviously.  R2D2 adorned my favorite pair of Underoos.  But the Hulk.  Oh man, did I love the Incredible Hulk! Know what else I loved?  Being my father’s “best helper” in his workshop.  The smell of sawdust will forever remind me of him.  If there was a such a thing as Lowe’s Build and Grow Kid’s Clinics when I was kid, I’d be all over this project.  Register your kid for a FREE clinic where s/he can build her/his own Hulk, and get an apron, goggles, and a patch!  Click here to register, for a store locator, or for more information.

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