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FREE CDC Poster of Information about Ebola

There may not be much that we ordinary citizens can do about the spread of Ebola, but we can do something about the spread of hysteria that is gripping our nation and the world.  Click here for a downloadable, print ready poster from the Center for Disease Control and help educate your community about the spread of Ebola.  Knowledge is power!



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FREE Tapestry Segmentation Poster!

This is a new one to me:  posting about a freebie I absolutely do not understand!  🙂 If you are in the market for a Tapestry Segmentation poster, well you are in luck, because you can get one for FREE!  Click here, fill out the form, and be on your way.

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FREE Wisconsin Cheese Guide!

Okay, I had to include this because OMG cheese!  You may not be a fancy-pants gourmande, but you can sound like a frommagier  by sending away from this handy guide!  You don’t have to spend any cheddar to know what’s gouda and what you camembert to live without! Oh, I better stop or I will be here all day. Click here for the short form and have a look around at the site, too.  Lots of helpful, interesting (if you’re a little nerdy like me) info!


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Free Eye Facts Poster: See All You Can See Eye for Kids

Eye Facts Poster for Kids

Eye Facts PosterGet a free Eye Facts Poster for kids.  US only.  The “See All You Can See  Fun Fact Calendar” teaches elementary-aged children how to care for their eyes.  It’s designed in a brightly colored calendar format with 31 facts and myth-busters about eyes and visions.  The fun characters guide kids through a myriad of tips to safeguard their vision. You can either have this mailed to your or download the PDF.  The mailed poster is 17×11.

We only have one set of eyes.  This isn’t Star Trek and we can’t grow new organs, yet.

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Free Inch of Soil Poster

Inch of Soil Poster

Inch of Soil PosterGet a free Inch of Soil Poster from the USDA.  The Inch of Soil poster measures 34×25 inches.  International users can also order this by calling the phone number on the website.

Did you know that it takes 500 years for the earth to build one solitary inch of soil?  This poster takes readers through all the American historical events that have happened during the building of the last inch of earth.

Soil is important and we must protect it.  Much of our food comes from the soil.  Animals also depend on it.

To get your free poster, click on “Add to Basket” and then checkout.  You will then be asked for a customer ID.  If you don’t have one, just ignore this screen and click “next.”  Enter your information and place your order.  It should come pretty fast.  They said it they will ship my order  in 5 to 10 days.

Also, you are NOT ordering a box with 175 posters.  You are only ordering 1.  If you look at the small print, it says that the 175 is just a guide, if you want 2 boxes, you enter 350. So, you are only ordering 1.

UPDATE: I received this high quality poster and it does come very quickly.  

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Free Celebrate Urban Birds Kit (Stickers, Bird Seed, Poster) – US/Canada

Free Celebrate Urban Birds Kit

Free Celebrate Urban Birds Kit - Poster

Get a free “Celebrate Urban Birds!” Kit from Cornell.  You will get two free posters, a free sticker, and a pack of bird seeds to feed the wild feathered friends.  They also include a data sheet for you to track what birds you see.  If you let them know whether you saw the target birds, it will be a boon to their research.  They want to know even if you see none because “Zero Means a Lot”.  This will be very fun to do with my kids!  US/Canada

This is still good!  We got our kit and it’s really nice!

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