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FREE Audiobook Download EVERY DAY in June!

Did you know that June is Audiobook month?  At least, it is according to Audiobook, and really, they’re the ones to know! To celebrate, they are giving away a FREE downloadable audiobook EVERY DAY this month!  Click here for more information and to download today’s FREE selection!


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Kids Can Earn a FREE Book from Barnes and Noble!

This summer, get your kids involved in reading with this terrific incentive program from Barnes and Noble!  Have your little one read 8 books and record them in a downloadable PDF Reading Journal.  When they’ve gotten 8 under their belts, they can take the form into their neighborhood Barnes and Noble and turn it in for a selection of FREE books!  Click here for the Reading Journal PDF and for more information!


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91 FREE Kindle Edition eBooks!

Looking for something to read, but watching that budget of yours?  Library not cutting it for you these days?  Well, don’t worry.  Kindle’s got you covered. Our friends over at have put together a great list of FREE Kindle Edition titles.  Click here for the list and for the links to download them at Amazon!


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100+ FREE Kindle Titles Available!

So, you’ve finally finished that book and now you’re looking for a new title.  Well, our friends over at have you covered because they have put together a list of over one hundred Kindle books that are available for FREE download!  Click here for the list.  Thanks!


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FREE Wildflower Guide!

I know my midwestern and northeastern friends will want to punch me in the mouth for saying this, but spring really is right around the corner!  Wildflowers are on their way!  Want to be able to discern one from another?  Then you need a guide!  Want one for FREE?  I know you do!  Click here and fill out the form.


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124 FREE Kindle eBook Downloads!

Looking for a little something to read?  Have a Kindle?  Or really any device with the Kindle app?  Then this is the list for you!  Click here to be taken over to where there is a comprehensive list of 124 titles currently available for FREE download!  Amazon changes their prices all the time and without notice, so be sure to double check that the price is $0.0 before “purchasing.” Happy reading!


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