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Free Book, “How Hard Can It Be?”

Are you on Facebook? Do you like to read?

Before its release, St. Martins Press is giving away advanced copies of “How Hard Can It Be?” by Allison Pearson. This looks like a fun book, go check it out!


Head here to claim yours!

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Free copy of “Happiness Digest”

Nothing beats a free path to happiness! That’s apparently what you get when you read Ellen White’s “Happiness Digest”- which you can currently get for free at this website.

Enjoy your secret paths to happiness today ūüôā

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FREE Medium Popcorn at Cinemark! (9/30)

I wonder why we eat popcorn at the movies. ¬†Of all the things to become the standard snack, why popcorn? ¬†It’s so loud and so messy. ¬†And so by-god delicious! The movie just really isn’t even the same without popcorn, is it? ¬†Well, this Friday you can get yourself a medium popcorn for FREE! ¬†(That’s like a five hundred dollar savings! HA!) Download the Cinemark app for iOS or Android and hit up a movie this Friday, September 30th. ¬†Click here for more information including theaters and showtimes!

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FREE Virtual Reality Glasses from Today Show!

Okay, it’s early. ¬†I haven’t had coffee yet. ¬†(It’s brewing.) And it’s not that I’m old exactly, it’s just that I’m not very current or hip. ¬†So this one took me a minute to grasp. ¬†I’m gonna do my best to get it right. ¬†Okay, here goes: ¬†You know how the Today Show has the summer concert series? ¬†(I think now it’s called the Citi Bank presents the Summer Concert Series because of course it is.) ¬†Anyway, they’re doing it a little differently this August 26th. ¬†The concert will be live streamed in 360 degrees meaning that when viewed on your smartphone, you can turn and tilt the phone to see the concert in 360 degrees. ¬†And with a special (if not utterly ridiculous) pair of cardboard glasses that hold your smartphone, you can step inside that 360 degrees virtual reality style! ¬†And the Today Show is giving away the cardboard doohickeys for FREE! ¬†Click here!

(How’d I do?)

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118 FREE Kindle Downloads!

Summer is finally here! ¬†(Well, okay, here in Florida, it’s been summer for a long time…and will be summer until about Christmas, but that’s besides the point) The point is that for the rest of the country, summer is finally here! ¬†That means vacation! ¬†Woohoo! ¬†But before you jump in that swim suit and hit the beach, before you change the oil in the car and hit the open road, and before you book that flight and pack your bags, you should load up your Kindle with new books! ¬†And thanks to our friends over at Hunt4Freebies.com, you can download over a 100 for FREE! ¬†Click here for the list and then be sure to double check the price before you download as Amazon can and will change the price at any time!

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86 FREE Kindle Titles Available!

Calling all travelers, commuters, avid readers, folks who just dig FREE stuff, and Kindle lovers! ¬†Did you know that from time to time our friends over at Hunt4Freebies.com put out a list of titles that are available for FREE download? ¬†You didn’t? ¬†Well, get with the program, travelers, commuters, avid readers, and folks who just dig FREE stuff! ¬†Click here for a list of 86 Kindle edition titles that are available from Amazon for FREE! ¬†Be sure to double check the price at checkout and make sure Amazon hasn’t changed anything on a whim as they are wont to do.


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