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Free samples of food and beverage freebies

FREE Sample of Sweet Additions Cane Syrup!

Boy, I tell you what.  Every time I turn around there’s a new sweetening product on the market.  Whether your goal is no calories or wholly organic non-sugar alternative, there is a product out there for you.  Still haven’t found what you are looking for?  Well, maybe Sweet Additions has what you need.  Click here to find out.  Select a sample and fill out the form you find there.

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FREE Medium Popcorn at Cinemark! (9/30)

I wonder why we eat popcorn at the movies.  Of all the things to become the standard snack, why popcorn?  It’s so loud and so messy.  And so by-god delicious! The movie just really isn’t even the same without popcorn, is it?  Well, this Friday you can get yourself a medium popcorn for FREE!  (That’s like a five hundred dollar savings! HA!) Download the Cinemark app for iOS or Android and hit up a movie this Friday, September 30th.  Click here for more information including theaters and showtimes!

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FREE Coffee at Pilot Travel Centers! (9/29)

Got a road trip coming up this weekend?  Nothing like hitting the open road, is there?  So much to see and observe, so cool to see the miles and the landscape flying by.  If you are out on the road this Thursday, September 29th, and you see a Pilot Travel Center, do yourself a favor and stop.  Why?  Because FREE coffee, that’s why.  I could go on, but seriously?  FREE coffee is all you really need to know.  Click here for the coupon!

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FREE Sample of Fancy Feast Cat Food!

I’ve had three cats in my life, two in my youth, and once in my young adulthood.  Of all the things I’ve learned, this is the most clear:  Cats are hard to please.  Easy to take care of, but hard to please.  A laser pointer, a feather, and a nice bowl of food are about the biggest kitty pleaser there are!  Is your fur baby a finicky eater?  Looking for some new food?  Or maybe he’s a Fancy Feaster already and you could just a little something for FREE.  Either way, click here and follow the directions for a FREE sample of Fancy Feast cat food.

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FREE Goodies from Red Lobster!

One day not so very long ago, back before this army of children I currently command, I had a retail job in the local mall.  We had had a new product launch and as I worked in inventory, I had had a very busy, very loooooong day.  My husband knew that.  When I got home, he had made a batch of the Cheddar Bay biscuits made famous by Red Lobster.  What a weird and wonderful way to say, “Welcome home, baby.  Sorry for your hard day!”  Do you love those biscuits, too?  Well, get your fill at Red Lobster and if you join the Fresh Catch Club, you’ll get a FREE app or dessert just for signing up, a FREE treat on your birthday and lots of other goodies, too.  Click here for more information or to register!

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FREE Slurpee to Celebrate 7/11!

It’s hot as h-e-double hockey sticks these days.  It’s July after all.  There are a lot of ways to stay cool in the heat of the summer, but none quite as cool as the cold, refreshing awesomeness of a Slurpee.  And today, July 11th, or 7/11, you can get one FREE at — where else? — 7/11!  Just pop into your local store from 11AM-7PM and get yourself a FREE Slurpee.  Then, if you have the app, and if you guy 7 Slurpees this week, you’ll get ELEVEN more for FREE!  Click here for more information.

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