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FREE 2015 Recipe Calendar from Perdue!

My family and I moved down south from up north a year ago and I have to say, I don’t miss winter one bit, but I do miss the daylights out of fall!  Oh, man!  Hot apple cider donuts just aren’t the same when it’s 90 degrees out.  But you should definitely get your autumn on by signing up for Perdue’s fall recipe email list.  When you do, you’ll receive a FREE 2015 Calendar while supplies last!  Click here, read the instructions and the fine print as always!


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FREE Atkins Diet Starter Kit!

Are you looking to shed a few pounds this autumn?  Think maybe the Atkins diet is the way to go, but you’re not sure yet?  This is the deal for you! Click here, fill out the form, and send away for your FREE Atkins Diet Starter Kit!


Kit includes:

 3 FREE Atkins bars
 FREE Pocket Carb Counter
 Access to thousands of FREE RECIPES



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FREE Technique Classes at Williams Sonoma!

If you are anything like me, you loooooove to walk through Williams Sonoma and pretend you are a master chef instead of a short-order cook.  Did you know that in that very bastion of culinary magic, you can take technique classes for FREE? That’s right, Williams Sonoma offers hour long technique classes complete with tastings!  Participants also enjoy 10% off same day purchases on select items.  Class times vary by location, so check with a store nearest you!  Click here for more information.



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FREE Crock Pot Seasoning Mix!

Oh, I love getting freebies the most when the effort needed to get them is almost nothing!  Like, say, for example, simply liking a Facebook page!  Crock-Pot Slow Cooker is giving away a FREE seasoning mix packet just for liking their page!



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FREE Vegan Starter Kit

The folks at PETA want you to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet and if that’s something you are interested in and ready for, they’ve got a FREE starter kit for you!  Complete with information, recipes and tips, this starter kit is yours just by filling out this short form.  Read the fine print as ever, friends!



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FREE Wisconsin Cheese Guide!

Okay, I had to include this because OMG cheese!  You may not be a fancy-pants gourmande, but you can sound like a frommagier  by sending away from this handy guide!  You don’t have to spend any cheddar to know what’s gouda and what you camembert to live without! Oh, I better stop or I will be here all day. Click here for the short form and have a look around at the site, too.  Lots of helpful, interesting (if you’re a little nerdy like me) info!


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