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FREE Recipe Book from Jiffy Mix!

There’s a saying in my family:  The only thing in the world that absolutely does not exist is a leftover Jiffy Mix corn muffin.  Just kidding, it’s not really a saying, but it might as well be.  They’re delicious! And if you add a can of summer crisp corn kernels it’s a little slice of heaven.  Get lots more ideas with this FREE recipe book from Jiffy Mix!  Click here and follow the instructions from there! Yummy!


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FREE Australian Lamb Recipe Book!

Attention all lamb lovers!  (Those who love to eat lamb, that is!)  Australian Lamb has put together a recipe book to make the best of your dinner!

From their site:

From Brazilian Style Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Chimichurri Sauce to Aussie Lamb, Mushroom and Beer Pot Pies, you’ll see why lamb is a global staple. Australian Lamb is pasture raised, resulting in a lean product with a delicious mild flavor. No hormones or additives are used in Australian lamb production.

If they raise ’em right, they probably cook ’em up right, too.  Click here and fill out the short form you see there.  Read the directions and fine print as usual!


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FREE Sun-Maid 100th Anniversary Recipe Booklet!

Sun-Maid is turning 100 years old, but you get the present! They’re giving away booklets filled with a century’s worth of their favorite recipes!  Click here, fill out the form and follow the instructions.  Yummy!



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FREE Pillsbury Samples !

The old saying is true…membership has its perks!  And if you’re anything like me, you like your perks hot out of the oven!  When you sign up for Pillsbury’s newsletter, you’ll have access to thousands of recipes, holiday ideas, savings of up to $250 a year in coupons, and FREE samples monthly!  Click here to sign up, and then read all about your buttery, flaky perks.



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FREE Kid-friendly Cookbook!

There is a heartwarming joy in teaching our children how to cook, don’t you think?  Spending time in the kitchen with my mother and children connects the generations in a way that brings a simple joyful smile to my heart.  And with this FREE cookbook from Gooseberry Patch, you’ll have recipes that are as easy for kids to help make as they are delicious to eat!  Click here to download immediately or to send away for a hard copy!





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FREE Technique Classes at Williams Sonoma!

The holidays are coming up and there will lots of cooking and braising and basting and baking and tasting, won’t there?  Looking to up the game on  your skills and techniques?  Look no further than your local Williams Sonoma store where they offer FREE classes nearly every weekend.  Click here for more information including store location, schedule, and a peek at what’s being offered in the month of October!


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