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FREE Vegan Recipe Booklet!

How do you know your friend has gone vegan?

Because they never, ever, ever EVER stop talking about it!

HAHA! You know what, though, the same is true of anyone who has found something in their life that works really well for them.  So, whether is Crossfit, or breastfeeding, or veganism, it’s a treat to find a way of living that changes you.  Maybe going meatless is for you (I type this as I inhale my bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich) then give some of these FREE recipes a try!  Click here, and either download it immediately as a PDF or send away for the booklet in the mail.  Happy cooking!

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FREE Jiffy Mix Recipe Book!

Who doesn’t love a corn muffin?  I’m from the south, so maybe my experience is a little skewed, but I cannot imagine anyone not loving the crumbly, buttery deliciousness that is a corn muffin.  My mom always jazzes up her box of Jiffy mix with a can of summer crisp corn nibblets.  A little crisp surprise is a treat, too!  Did you know that there is an entire recipe book for Jiffy mix?  Did you know that you can get it for FREE?  You do know! At least, you know now!  Click here and fill out the form you see there, reading and following all of the directions to send away for your free recipe booklet!

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93 FREE Kindle eBook Downloads

Fire up you Kindle reader or iPad with an array of titles you can download for free.  Thanks to our friends over at, you can browse through a long list of categories like cooking, romance, books for kids and many others and be reading for free with the click of a mouse.  Remember to double check that the price in the cart reads $0.00, as prices can change at any time.

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FREE Healthy Breakfast Recipes Kindle Cookbook!

If you’re looking to shake up your english muffin with peanut butter or bowl of cold cereal routine, then you might as well do it healthily and for FREE!  Click here for a FREE downloadable Kindle edition of Healthy Breakfast recipes.  Amazon prices can and will change without notice, so be sure the price is still $0.00 when you check out.


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FREE Healthy Living Recipe Booklet from Sun-Maid!

Summer is just around the corner y’all!  You’re probably going to be reading a lot about how to get a “beach ready body” even though all you really need for a beach ready body is a beach and body.  But healthy eating doesn’t have to be just about how you look at the beach!  It’s a good idea for its own sake, wouldn’t you agree?  Let Sun-Maid help you eat healthier by clicking here, filling out the form, and sending away for your very own healthy living recipe booklet!


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124 FREE Kindle eBook Downloads!

Looking for a little something to read?  Have a Kindle?  Or really any device with the Kindle app?  Then this is the list for you!  Click here to be taken over to where there is a comprehensive list of 124 titles currently available for FREE download!  Amazon changes their prices all the time and without notice, so be sure to double check that the price is $0.0 before “purchasing.” Happy reading!


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