Birthday Freebies

Free stuff just because you’re another year older.

THREE FREE Lip Smackers Lip Balms!

OMG, you guys, when I was a kid, you could walk up to any girl my age and ask her if she had her Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers Lip Balm, and if she didn’t reach right into her pocket, it was because her mom was holding it for her.  I LOVED my Dr Pepper Lip Smackers!  If there had been a Smoochie Club back then, you know I would have joined in a heartbeat!  Now there is and now you can and when you do, you’ll get three FREE lip balms just for signing up.  Click here for more information.

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FREE Tart at Le Madeleine! (TODAY Only!)

There is a shopping center near where I grew up and right next to the Gap (arguably my favorite place to shop as a kid/teen/young adult/who am I kidding I still love the Gap) is a le Madeleine Country French Cafe.  That cafe was my mama’s and my ladies-who-lunch spot after a day of shopping.  It will forever remind me of her and of good times spent together.  And today (2/23 ONLY) they are celebrating 33 years by giving away a FREE tart to every customer while supplies last!  Stop in and grab yourself some happy for FREE! Click here for more information including a store locator.

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FREE Marble Slab Ice Cream for Your Birthday!

Well, I’ll tell you what.  Cake is great, I’ve got nothing against cake.  I adore cake.  But, if I’m being serious, it’s ice cream all day for me.  And it doesn’t get much better than Marble Slab. Well, it does, actually, because with this deal, you get Marble Slab ice cream for FREE!  Sign up for the Slab Happy Club and get a FREE scoop or cone on your birthday!  (You know it’s the small size, right?)  Click here to sign up!


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FREE A&W Root Beer Float for Your Birthday!

Is your birthday coming up?  Well, duh, that’s a stupid question, all of our birthdays are coming up eventually.  Well, make sure you get everything that’s coming to you on your special day and by that I mean, don’t miss out on a FREE root beer float from A&W! Click here, scroll down, and sign up for their Mug Club.


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FREE Meals at IHOP!

You know, even if I didn’t know that it meant FREE meals at IHOP, I might join something called a Pancake Revolution just because it’s called the Pancake Revolution.  You too?  Well, click here and sign up and you’ll get a FREE meal just for signing up plus every year on your birthday and on the anniversary of joining!

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FREE Bad Kitty Party Kit!

Are you or someone you know a fan of the Bad Kitty book series?  Gotta special occasion coming up?  Well you can throw a Bad Kitty themed party with this FREE party kit!  Including invitations, recipe and decoration guide, sticker sheets, kitty masks, birthday banner, poster and more, you’ll have every thing you need to throw a fabulous Bad Kitty party!  Click here for more information and scroll to the bottom of the page for an email address to send away for the party kit!



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