I just found this website through BzzAgent – and it’s such a cool idea that I just wanted to share it with you!

If you are anything like me, you have profiles all over the internet – MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn and maybe even a website or two.  It can get pretty crowded handing out a business card with all that information.  Imagine handing a business card with a link to one website that links to everything else about you and/or your business!  About.me does just that by letting you put all those links together into one spot, along with your profile, a description of your business, a picture of yourself and a customized background.  I used a picture of daffodils in my yard.  Then, you can completely customize your fonts and colors.  I just got started, so my mine is pretty basic.  I plan on spiffing it up some later (because it’s so easy to change things up later), but you can see it here for now.

The dashboard is actually my favorite part, though, because of it’s many helpful, behind-the-scenes features. Here, you can gather statistics on how many people have visited your profile.  You can also  see how many of them clicked on your links when they visited your profile.  You can see how much time they spent viewing your profile, the time of their visit and whether they are new or returning visitors.  You can also see your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn stats.  The Promotion tab helps you promote your new profile and even has links to make submitting it to Google, Bing and Yahoo easy.

Right now, if you sign up, you can get 50 free business cards that match your profile.  Each business card is double sided and full color.  The front of mine is my daffodil background and the back has my name, a link to my about.me page, my phone number and  they generate and add a QR code to your business card that links to your about.me profile. People can scan the code on your business card, and check out your about.me page on their phone!  You do have to pay shipping for them, but they are otherwise free.  I am looking forward to giving this a try!  You can sign up for your own About.me profile here!

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