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FREE Four Paws Calendar!

Posted by Xan Endrinal on December 11, 2014 in Product Reviews | 0 comments

Get yourself a FREE calendar from the folks who are taking care of the animals at a bombed out zoo in Gaza.  I couldn’t find many more details about the actual calendar, but the group looks like they do a lot of great things for the animals of the world, so I imagine the calendar…

FREE Elmo or Veggie Tales Personalized Song Download!

Posted by Xan Endrinal on in American Freebies, CD's and Music, Children, Parents and Teachers, Entertainment Freebies, Kid Freebies | 0 comments


Isn’t it cute how much kids love hearing and seeing their own name in songs and books?  Well, you can be the coolest parent on the block when you get this FREE personalized song for your little one.  Choose Elmo or Veggie Tales!  Click here, enter the code, “myelmo” or “veggie” and follow the instructions…